The Stable Block by Sophia Das


There was something eerie about the deserted stable block. But I just didn’t know what it was. The wind howled as I tried to walk across the eeire stable block. The wind darkened the air with billowing clouds of dust, the wind was like a monstouros beast. Whoosh! the wind had shoved, pulled and tugged me ferociously.

In the distance, I saw a stable block. It was made out of wood and I could see some pieces were falling down, by the vicious wind. It had a huge vast wooden door too with a small metal handle. I peered at it, staring hard. What could be inside? I was so eager to find out.

Tiptoeing closer, my hand shaking and teeth chattering. I opened the door with a face of horror. It was dark inside, as dark as your pupil. I was anxious but also amazed and stunned at the same time. Walking and walking I found out that the room seemed to be feeling infinate. “It must be” I said to myself with a sly grin. Retracing my steps back to the entrance I felt that I desperateley longed to get out. “Finally” I said with an anticipated mind.

Getting out was a relief. “I thought I would be stuck there forever”. I will have to tell someone this experience, I thought to myself. Imagine, it could be put in the papers. With a big picture of me on it. I could be famous.