Jack And The Beanstalk by Sophia Das


There was once a tall boy with ginger curly hair who’s name was Jack Middleton. He was living on top of a lush hill in a little village. He was brought up in a rich family with only one parent. They had 5 different racing cars, hundreds of video games and he had his own fancy gaming room. His mother she was was horrid. She was terrifying because she grew her nails long and wore awful lot of make up. She looked like a witch he thought.

One day he passed a miniature shop in the village centre called ANTIQUES. It also had a sign saying TRADE AND GET. He was so intrigued when he saw this sign, and he ran straight home in a blink. He got home and immediately got his favourite video game out and he squashed it back in his bag. He retraced the steps in anticipation and flung the door open. Wind passed by when he opened the door of the shop. The man in the shop was called Raj. He told him that he could trade anything and get something in return. He finally put his most expensive video game on the wooden table with a deep breath, and Raj finally swapped it with a pot of beans. “A pot of beans?” he cried with outragement but with disappointment Jack had to take the small ugly pot. As he walked out of the shop he was so disappointed and could almost start crying.

Then he passed an elderly lady and she was so amazed that her eyes nearly popped out. She looked at him with a comforting smile and then with excitement the lady announced that these beans are MAGICAL. When he heard that word he jumped up with joy.  He quickly said then good-bye to her and sprinted up the streets within seconds.

The sun had gone down and now it was time to grow these magical beans he thought. Without his mother seeing them he began to grow the seeds. Time had passed and the dark night had taken over the lightly sky.

In the early morning with the sunrise he had woken up and suddenly the grand had shaken. Jack had a feeling it was his beanstalk but he was not sure! So he had to find out…..

He opened the curtains and “wow” he said and he was eager to climb the leafy green beanstalk but he was never sure he could ever do it, because his mean mother would stop him.  Jack was going to try his best to climb the prickly vast beanstalk…