The Undiscovered Adventure by Sophia Das


Waves were crashing, it looked like a swish of a curtain. Salt was whirling and the whole entire ocean was covered by this monstrous beast.

As the Man of War glided across the crystal clear blue water, pirates were chatting continuously “STARBOARD” the sea dog shouted angrily shaking his head side to side. “This Man of War is just like you Sea Dog”. The young pirate was teasing him. Then they got into a disagreement. Everyone went blank.

Far away in the flooded land there lived a girl who had ginger bushy hair, aqua blue eyes and a dirty blue waste coat. She didn’t go to school or had a real home. Her life was different to any other girl, because she never wore velvet dresses, she was the odd one out to everyone. No-one liked her, because she was extremely self minded.

One day the girl saw a ship that looked familiar. It was the Man Of War Ship…..

“The pirate ship” the girl sprung up with laughter and was trembling with anticipation. She knew and wanted to explore more, but she didn’t know what was waiting for her!!!!

So she walked proudly with a blank mind skipping with her hand by her side. As she got closer and closer she got more sweatier but she was going to explore it without doubt.

Meanings: STARBOARD (turn right), SEEDOG (old pirate), Man of War (a big pirate ship)