The Rainbow Mystery by Sophia Das

landscape photography of field with wind mill with rainbow
Photo by Paweł Fijałkowski on

This is my own story which I have also read to Sebastian:

Under the moon but just above the sun, there are little miniature creatures named aliens.

Our story starts with the diamond twinkling stars out in the galaxy at night. Shining they were like snow flakes shimmering with delight. Right now the aliens were chatting non- stop after they saw a mysterious thing. What was it they thought? Trembling with anticipation.

A colourful thing it was! What could it be? They couldn’t think what it was. Then suddenly someone shouted RAINBOW.  They froze.

Everyone was eager to find out what was going to happen next so they debated what to do.

5 minutes later….

The aliens set of to the colourful rainbow but the aliens didn’t know what was coming next.  Through the milky way, past Mars, around the perimeter of saturn and finally on red hot mercury, they got a good view. They saw that the rainbow was near and started on earth, the land of the humans.

Each alien, one by one, dived into the open sky in a flash. The view was magical and they had never seen a planet so beautiful before.  With crystal clear oceans, grassy lush hills and fluffy white clouds, it was one of the kind from an aliens view.

Each alien saw the rainbow and all of them were so impatient that they pushed and grabbed each other so that they could touch the neon bright rainbow first.

But they didn’t…

They all managed to touch the rainbow but they were disappointed.  They were expecting it to feel like smooth glass but it didn’t: it  felt like solid air.

The aliens retraced their steps quietly, whizzing through the galaxy full of stars and finally got onto their own planet called Gigglemock.  This planet looked like an alien head with three eyes.  It was stunning and created by the oldest alien that ever lived.

Under the sun, but just above the stars, humans think aliens think aliens are not real.  But they are…