SUNNY DAY by Anna Melbourne and Elena Temporin

IMG_0532This story is based on the sun exhibition in the Science Museum which I went to recently. Have you every wondered why some days are sunnier and some days are not? This story will tell you the answer to that.

The story begins with two children telling the most fascinating facts about our amazing sun. My brother and I have learnt a lot through this book.

I think you will love this book since its is about shadows to sunsets and full of science experiments which you can try yourself.  For example there is a long shadow one which is such fun and makes you become very tall.  It’s such fun.

It is a lovely family book to share. I think you all would enjoy it as much as my brother and me did. Enjoy!

My rating:

Illustration – 5/5

Words – 4/5

Sebastian’s reaction – 5/5

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