The Day I Became a Sister by Sophia Das

This is a story that I wrote myself:



“I really want a brother or a sister”, I announced often to my mum.

It all started when I was four and a half and I always wanted to have a brother or a sister. Every night I would wish in anticipation and wonder if I could have a sibling. Before long the day had come and my mum finally gave birth to my brother. I was so excited!

It was an early morning and I had two surprises waiting for me, one was going to my friend’s house for a play-date and the second surprise was going to visit my new born baby brother. The time passed, and it was time to go to my friends house. As soon as I got onto the door step of my friend’s house, she sprung up and flung the door open. As quick as a flash she looked at my face and said a quick “hello” to me. Quickly, I walked into her house and climbed up the wooden stairs. As soon as I strolled into my friends room, I noticed it was full of toys. I could barely walk through it!

The time had passed, and it was time for me to go home. My dad and my grandmother picked me up in the car and I was so excited to meet finally my new baby brother. Eventually, I had my seat belt on so my dad quickly turned the key so the engine roared and in a flash we were zooming off into the cold damp dark night. I was so lucky to be out in the dark because I would normally be in bed.

BEEP BEEP…we had arrived at the vast hospital. The name of this hospital was The Chelsea & Westminster and funnily enough I was actually born there too. When we got into the big brilliant building a kind lady showed us to where my brother was. She took us up the escalators and at last we arrived at my brothers’ room.

The lady opened the brown wooden door and there lay my mum holding my new baby brother. He had chocolate brown eyes, a peachy face and he had an adorable little smile. He was as small as my arms.

Immediately, I grabbed onto my mum and I eagerly asked her if I could hold our new baby brother. She happily said “YES!”. As fast as a fox I had lifted him on my lap and it felt like I was holding a small, furry teddy bear.

Visiting day had ended fast and it was suddenly time to take my cute little brother home. It was such a incredible experience having a lovely baby brother called Sebastian coming home with me. It was my first time in my life to have someone sitting next to me in the car and someone to play with!!

I am so happy that my wish came true and now it is even a bigger joy to see him grow up.