I already wrote about this book before but am writing again since Sebastian loves this one.

Once there was a little girl called Sophie and she was having tea with her mum in their kitchen. Suddenly there was a ring on the door bell. Sophie wondered who could it be? Was it the milkman –  no he comes every Wednesday? Could it be daddy? No he has his keys. Mmmmm, so lets open the door and see.

Sophie opened the door and surprisingly a tiger popped onto the door step. Sophie was amazed and her eyes had widend so much. The tiger looked at Sophie and asked her a question “Is there any room for me to join you with your tea?” “Sure Sophie’s mum  replied excited. “Come in!” So the tiger helped himself and sat on her daddy’s chair with a great big thump.

As soon as the orange and black stripy tiger sat down Sophie offered the tiger “some buns but the tiger didn’t just take one bun, he took all the buns in the tin. After his visit at Sophie’s house the tiger had left the house with no water, no food and certainly not enough water for Sophie’s bath. This time the family had to escape to the local restaurant for dinner but what would be the tiger’s next adventure would he come to Sophie’s house again or not?

Both Sebastian and I absolutely love this story and it always brings smiles to our faces.

My rating:

Illustration – 5/5

Words – 5/5

Sebastian’s reaction – 5/5

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