blue discus fish
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Deep down in the crystal clear ocean there lived a whole bunch of colourful fish and one of their favourite things to do was watching Puffy, the puffer fish, to blow bubbles. Every now and then other fish would ask Puffy to do a show where Puffy made round bubbles, square bubbles and big bubbles. The other fish loved his bubble-blowing show.

Suddenly something and somebody had caught their eye on another fish, it was Barry! He was no ordinary fish and he tumbled along with his shiny orange fingers and the fish all shouted “what can you do with your fingers?” and he replied “lots of things like knitting, painting, cutting finger puppets and the most important one TICKLING!”

Every one had enjoyed Barry’s tickling game but Puffy didn’t. He was feeling so sad and he was jealous and angry that Barry had taken over him.

Suddenly all of a sudden a big crater had fallen into the deep water. In no seconds Barry grabbed Puffy at the bottom of the ocean and he saved his life.

Puffy apologised in the end to Barry about being so jealous and grumpy and they celebrated and had a big party. All the fish had then the best time ever!


My rating:

Illustration – 5/5

Words – 4/5

Sebastian’s reaction – 4/5

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