OI CAT! by Kes Gray & Jim Field


There once lived a slimy little frog and guess what, he was also the bossiest frog ever!

One day he started making up some rhymes about all his friends which was very rude. The person who was the most angriest was the CAT. She was terrified when she heard what she would sit on –   a GNAT!!

As soon as she hears him saying that she asked him what he called all the other animals.

The animals are sitting on a mat, macaroni, bricks, cream crackers and all sorts of other names. Well it is not as bad as sitting on GNATS they bite my bottom replies the CAT. “Ok, ok said the frog and replies then “I will try and change it'”.

Suddenly the DOG came into the conversation and says “what are you talking about?” and then the CAT finally knew what to sit on and it was the DOG!!!

Sebastian loves reading the story. He giggles and smiles all the way through the funny and beautiful illustrated pictured.

My rating:

Illustration – 4/5

Words – 4/5

Sebastian’s reaction – 4/5

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