Tiny Tantrum by Caroline Crowe & Ella Okstad


This is a book that I like very much because this will always remind me of my brother’s Sebastian occasional screaming and shouting!

The story starts with a little girl called Tiny Tantrum. She is blond cute 4 year old and always gets her own way by screaming and shouting, By the way this is a not very good habit 😦

So one day Tiny is on her way to the park and as soon as her mum kindly says to her “please darling Tiny put your coat on” Tiny starts waling. Until a monster from out out of nowhere comes and tells her “if you don’t wear your warm coat you will get a freezing cold bottom”. So She puts her coat on and they go to the park for a nice refreshing walk.

But when they arrive back home it all starts again. Her dad asks her “Tiny would you like some broccoli for supper?” She immediately shouts NO! and out out of nowhere again a monster says “broccoli is good for you, because it is a vegetable so she agrees with him and eats it all in one big mouthful.

Suddenly Tiny says to her dad “I am tired” with a big loud yawn and falls asleep straight away.

I hope Tiny Tantrum has taught her a LESSON!

My rating: 

Illustration – 5/5

Words – 4/5

Sebastian’s reaction – 4/5

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