Mr Bunnys Chocolate Factory by Elys Dolan

close up view colorful candy chocolate
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This story is about a selfish boss called Mr Bunny who owns a vast chocolate factory.

For many years fluffy white chickens worked in Mr Bunny’s factory and produce delicious  creamy chocolate eggs.

One day a new  shy chicken comes to starts to work in Mr Bunny’s chocolate factory .  Mr Bunny is getting lots of money and getting very rich but not rich enough. One day  he has a big meeting with all the chickens and says “eat more chocolate and lay the chocolate eggs faster!” The poor chickens do it but they all don’t like how Mr Bunny is treating them. They are all so exhausted and tired.

Suddenly, the new chicken falls into the chocolate mixture and everyone panics!. The chickens are all tired and they stop working and say “we want a break”. Mr Bunny says “no breaks, if you go on holiday, I will work on my own!”.  The chickens leave the factory as they are not willing to work under his conditions.

When something bad happens in the factory, he realises that he actually need his good friends and chicken workers back.

Sebastian likes this story because he adores chocolate, just like everyone to be honest.

My rating:

Illustration – 5/5

Words – 4/5

Sebastian’s reaction – 5/5

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