Baby’s First Bank Heist by Jim Whalley & Stephen Collins 

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The story begins with a baby boy called Frank that really wants a pet! His parents say “no you can’t have a pet Frank because its too much money to have a pet”. So one day when he goes shopping with his mummy and she is waiting in a queue Frank has an idea. He speedily goes to the bank, where he passes the laser lights and even passes the security guards. This all was very easy for him as he is a small baby.

Frank then steals money and hides the money in his clothes. No one realizes and quickly he walks back home with this mummy. By roughly 9:30 in the evening he then orders on his computer all the pets he could find.

Early in the morning the next day his pets arrive and he hides all of them. Some in the house and some in the garden.

Then suddenly his parents notice a rhino in the garden shed. They also find money under Frank’s bed.

In the end they tell the police what happened and everyone is sad until Frank’s daddy has a brilliant idea “why dont’ we make a zoo where every one can come”. The garden turns into a vast zoo with lots of animals.

From that day baby Frank never robbed a bank ever again!

I recently made a film about robbers!  see what you think:

My film about a robber

My rating: 

Illustration – 4/5

Words – 5/5

Sebastian’s reaction – 5/5

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