The Princess and the Wizard by Julia Donaldson


This story starts with a little sparkly Princess girl who has just turned 7 years old. Suddenly a Wizard comes and says “why didn’t you invite me to your party?” and the Princess answers back “because Wizards are evil!”.

In a second the Wizard turns everyone into a statue . The Wizard angrily captures the Princess and takes her to the cellar of the castle where she cries herself to sleep. While she was sleeping the Wizard unlocks the cellar door and he holds a big red book which contains all his magic spells.

The Princess tries seven times to escape by changing her colour and changing her shape. The first time the Princess turns herself into a blue fish but the Wizards still finds her. Then she does lots of other things. She turns herself into a baby yellow chick, turns into a red fox, then in a black cat, into a white bird and even into a purple butterfly but the wicked Wizard still finds her and he still sets horrible tasks for her. Cleverly the Princess turns herself into a white page of the Wizards magic book with no writing on it. The Wizard was then reading his book and he came to the empty page where her flew into a rage. “You are such a stupid book” he shouts and he throws his book into the river. The magic was gone.

Luckily in the end the fairy godmother  and all the other party guests turn back to normal and they all have a joyful party again.

Sebastian enjoys this book because he loves parties and especially this one because in this story an evil Wizard turns up.

My rating: 

Illustration – 5/5

Words – 4/5

Sebastian’s reaction – 4/5

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