Detective Dog by Julia Donaldson

In my last half term break I had the pleasure to read to my brother’s nursery class. The book I read was called “Detective Dog”. The children where very exited about my visit and it was so nice reading to them. Sebastian’s class was extremely good at listening to the story. At the end of the session I thought to ask the class some questions. They were very good in answering the questions e.g. “why did the giant steel all the books from the children’s school?”. It was such a delight to do this and I am again invited to read to them soon.

The story is about a dog who is not just an ordinary dog, he is a detective dog. He had a short name called Nell. One day his owner takes him to school. The dog was distracted and smelled with his big nose some books from the children library.

The next day the detective dog Nell came to school again but something was wrong. “Where are the books?” he cried. Nell was so confused why suddenly all the books disappeared. He had an idea. Nell followed the smell of the books and ended up in the  garden. In the garden there was a vast giant and he was reading all the missing books. The children yelled and all of them asked the giant to give the books back. The giant was then really sad. Nell’s owner then had the perfect solution. “Why don’t we show the giant the beautiful library and the giant can then borough some books of the many books which are available to read. There where thousand’s and thousand’s of book’s in the bookshelves. The giant loved the idea and he was so overwhelmed and would go to the library every day. In the end all the children that heir books back. Nell the detective dog smelled the lovely books again.


My rating: 

Illustration – 5/5

Words – 4/5

Sebastian’s and the nursery’s reaction: 5/5

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