My thoughts about what is happening in the news


The Coronavirus has made hudge impacts in families life. Firstly going to a shop is a like a war, people fighting over toilet paper and rushing to get food such as rice and pasta. I  really don’t think this is right because people are beeing to selfish and not thinking about other people. In my perspective and in very many other childrens view we have never experienced something like this before. So the message is THINK BEFORE YOU DO!

Also the press, the internet, the radio and the newspaper have no other news, other than the Coronavirus. This is also bad in my opinion, because people could get more panicked and worried about this situation. I don’t know exactlly if this is happening but do you think it is right to tell the public how many people have suffered by the virus in the UK. I disagree with this because it could scare people especially old and us young people.