The Nativity by Fiona Watt

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I read this story in school many times and the first time to Sebastian around this year Christmas time.  He picks this book quite a lot now before going to bed. I think he loves this story because he really adores babies. The book illustration is so colourful and so nicely done.

Mary and Joseph were walking to Bethlehem. Mary was going to have a baby very soon. When they arrived in Bethlehem it was very busy and they could only find a stable to sleep in. That night baby Jesus was born. Mary and Joseph named him Jesus. Mary wrapped the baby in a blanket while Joseph made the animals manger into a bed. They laid Jesus on top. In fields outside Bethlehem, shepherds were looking after their sheep. Suddenly, they saw a bright light in the sky and an angel appeared. The Angel told them not to be afraid and that they should go to Bethlehem to find baby Jesus.

In a new country far far away some wise man saw a star in the sky. The followed the star to Bethlehem when the shepherd arrived at Bethlehem they saw Mary and Joseph and of course Jesus.

My rating:

Illustration – 5/5

Words – 4/5

Sebastian’s reaction – 4/5

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