Bobbo Goes To School by Shirley Hughes

Here I am going on my first residential school trip

Sebastian loves this story. He is so desperate to go to school and I think because he sees me going to school every day. My school is really lovely and it makes me really happy.

This story is about a girl called Lilly and her teddy Bobbo. One day her mummy is doing the washing and Lilli is not keen in help her mummy. She is playing instead with her beautiful Bobbo.  Then suddenly her mummy says: “do you want to go shopping with me?” and Lilli replies happily “yes lets go”.

On the way to the shops Lilli focused so much on a passing yellow school bus. Lilli was not paying attention to her beloved teddy and she was not holding him tight as she was spinning him around. In seconds she suddenly looses control and Bobby gets stuck on top of the school bus. Lilli could not believe it and was so sad. The bus driver then stops at the school where a little girl spots teddy Bobbo and takes him back to Lilly. Lilli was whipping but when the other girl gives the Bobbo back she is the happiest girl you can ever be.

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