The Tiger who came to tea by Judith Kerr

This story starts with a little girl called Sophie who is having tea with her mother.  Sophie is waiting at the table for her tea when all of a sudden there is a knock on the door.   They are not sure who it could be.  When they open the door, they surprised to see a tiger!

The tiger is very hungry and eats all the food in the house.  What should they do?

When Sophie’s dad comes home, he has a great idea to go out for dinner.   The story end with Sophie and her mother going out to get groceries since the naughty Tiger ate all the food.  Whilst they were out shopping they got a huge pot of Tiger food in case the Tiger came back but he never did!

Whenever I read this book to my brother Sebastian, he always looks at his wall because he sees his own tiger which he loves.

My rating:

Illustration – 5/5

Words – 5/5

Sebastian’s reaction – 5/5

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